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I decided to go with simply because I like how it sounds and it doesn't really tie me down to one genre of writing, as it were. I could have registered my last name or something like that, but I wanted something a bit more catchy. Keep an eye here as I start working on migrating the meaningful posts from over here.

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I'm still debating where I want to go with the blog. On one hand, 72 bucks a year for a fully managed software stack along with an easy to use interface and iOS apps if I want to purchase them does seem very tempting. On the other hand, for about half of that price I can set up a VPS and WriteFreely and get most of the functionality I want. The third option is to use Zola with Netlify. Netlify hosting is free, but now I need to deal with writing files, generating them, uploading them and so on, which does provide great flexibility but these days I just want to be able to pop open my iPad or a browser and write about what I'm doing or life.

That brings the choices to WriteFreely, or WriteFreely still requires a VPS, which would be another server and software stack for me to manage. Pro also comes with photo hosting. I think at this point, the choice is clear., here I come!

Now, do I use my email-only domain,, or a new domain. Decisions, decisions. Anyway, stay tuned. I'll be slowly porting relevant posts from my old blog over here.

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On February 26th, I got a chance to take out a bucket list item, which was seeing MST3K Live all thanks to a lovely friend. Said friend could not attend, so I ended up going with another friend who also enjoyed MST3K. For those who don't know, Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (MST3K) is a movie riffing show. The premise is a guy was shot into space to watch bad movies as an experiement, and he built himself a couple of robots to keep him company. They go into a theatre and riff on some of the worst movies ever. It's quite entertaining. Now, imagine that show as a stage show (and yes, they did have a movie) with the original test subject (Joel) and you're in for a treat.

I've been in Atlanta for 13 years now, and I had never been to the Fox Theatre. When we arrived and got through the security checkpoint and there I was, in the lobby of this beautiful theatre. I could have spent hours just checking it out and exploring, but we were there to take in the show, and what a show it was. I don't think I've laughed that hard in quite some time. It was worth a bit of being uncomfortable (I'm not the smallest guy, so the seats were a little tight) but it was most definitely an amazing time.

Dragon and I at the Fox